This area of the site as the title would suggest, will focus solely on all thing technology related.  That said, the term technology can be quite broad , but for the sake clarity and arrowed scope, we are focusing on things, such as:

  • Operating Systems (OS): Windows, OSX, Linux
  • Mobile Operating Systems: iOS and Android
  • Apps
  • Development and coding tools
  • Open Source projects and tools
  • FREE Resources

Our objective here is simple, to share what we like and to try to learn new things from others.  We love technology, we love sharing technology, and we love learning.

Disclosed bias:  Our founder, Richard L. Scott, preferred systems to use for maximized productivity are Macs running OSX.  He also uses Windows 10 daily and Linux occasionally, he most comfortable with Debian based Linux distros, like Ubuntu and Linux Mint.  He currently uses Android as his preferred mobile OS, running on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4; “It’s the best and worst phone I Have ever had!”  Richard loves the idea of Open Source and supports Open Source projects like Libra Office and Firefox, however, he is NOT a zealot nor is he FREE software purist.  He believes in using the best tool for the job and to allow others to do the same, without making them feel ashamed.  Not you know were we stand, let get to sharing.

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